Luck: How to Harness It and Create a Life that Excites You

“For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way. Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.” ~Irish blessing


The Irish may be known for their (bad) luck, depending on your perspective and which folk tales you read, but there are also known for perseverance and faith and those are two keys to manifesting luck or, the ability to attract what you desire.

If you have studied the Law of Attraction, you are familiar with the three steps that will help you harness luck:

  1. Ask. Be crystal clear about what you want. Is it a new car, a new job, or a new love that you’d like to attract? Get specific. What does it/he/she look like, smell like, and sound like? When you see it as if it is already here, you will generate the vibration to attract its likeness to you in record speed.
  2. Believe. Now, imagine how it will feel when you have that which you desire. With all your heart, feel the intensity of the positive emotions that will fill you up when you have achieved your goal. Know that, not only is it possible, but that it is “on the way” and that you are most deserving.
  3. Receive. Let go of your desire to control how it will arrive. Get out of the way and allow the Universe to surprise you with the gift of your heart’s desire. Prepare your life so there is room to receive your goal. You’ll be amazed when it arrives how you ever lived without it.

These steps are elaborately explained in the popular book, “The Secret”. It is important to remember that these three steps are integral to feeling lucky. By adding the following two, you will become a manifestation machine:

  1. Express gratitude. Every day, give thanks for the blessings in your life. When your heart is open and full of love for the people and things you have accumulated thus far, you will find comfort in your current reality and make decisions that continue to keep you fulfilled and living on purpose.
  2. Act. By following the preceding steps, the Universe will begin to send gifts your way that are in alignment with your vision. The key, now, is to jump on those new and exciting opportunities and create a new life that excites you!


My friends, I encourage you to walk through doors as they open, step outside your comfort, and get down and dirty as you experience luck as never before.

Yours in possibility,


PS – I’d love to hear how  you have manifested your heart’s desire. Send me a note or join in the conversation on facebook to share your luck with everyone!

PPS – Have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day celebration wherever in the world you are!

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