How Do You Define Wealth? It’s All In Your Head


When interviewed by MOTIVATED magazine, David Chilton, author of “The Wealthy Barber” said he defined his own wealth

“not at all in monetary terms. You know what’s really funny? I’m one of the least money-oriented people you’ll ever meet. I don’t even think about my money. I live an incredibly modest life. I live in a little house outside of Waterloo. I only have one car. I don’t even have a garage. I didn’t spoil the kids, too, too much. I don’t think about stuff like that; I don’t really care about it – it does nothing for me. When I think of me living a wealthy life, it’s all around friendships and health, and the fact that I’ve enjoyed my career. I’ve been lucky that I’ve done very well. But, financially, I don’t think about that very much at all.”

How about you? What’s your definition of wealth? Do you count your pennies and say, “I’ll be wealthy when I have X amount of money in the bank”? Is wealth related to your career success? Do you value the size of a person’s stock portfolio more than other things when considering whether to hire them or be their friend? Is it all about money for you or what money can buy?

Whether your definition of wealth is based solely on your material possessions or other resources, you can be sure that the realization of abundance in your life is connected to your attitude toward money and how you allow it to define you. Do you remember what conversations about money sounded like in your home when you were growing up? That’s where we form our first opinions of what wealth and money mean. Many of us develop limiting beliefs at a very young age that continue to plague us into adulthood, paralyzing us, and stifling our potential to amass the wealth we desire and deserve.

Have you ever felt embarrassed when shopping for big ticket items that require a credit check? Does the thought of balancing your credit card statement stress you out? Do you feel like, no matter how much you work, there will never be enough money to meet your needs? Let me tell you… you are not alone. Many people actually feel victimized and powerless when it comes to regular financial dealings because they do not operate with an abundance mindset. The good news is… you can change this!

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