The 7 Steps to Create a Life that Excites You

This proprietary 7-Step PROCESS will help you move through this life transition with grace and confidence so you can create a life that excites you. These steps form the foundation of my keynotes, workshops, and coaching programs and can be used when you are faced with life transitions in your career, finances, health or relationships. It is a practical step-by-step tool that you can use to navigate the trickiest challenges as well as plan the next phase of your life’s journey. I would love to hear how you would like to implement change in your life, so please contact me and we’ll discuss how I may help you achieve your desired results.

Get Present.

I come into the present moment and realize that, here, there are no problems, just my thoughts which can be changed. I allow myself the space to respond with deliberate intent instead of reacting emotionally.

Get Real.

When I accept what is, I acknowledge the truth in the current situation and accept responsibility for my part in creating it. I also accept that I have the power to change certain things and it is up to me to use that power to make a difference that serves me.

Get Over It.

In a place of blame and judgment, there is no room for possibility. I surrender. Knowing that everything happens for a reason, I express gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow from every situation, good and bad. I uncover my limiting beliefs and I release them so I may heal and move on.

Get Clear.

I visualize the desired outcome and allow for divine inspiration in the space that I have created by going within in search of the answers. I dream the big dream, from the heart, stretching my comfort level so I can feel how wonderful it is to enjoy success as I define it.

Get Engaged.

I declare an unwavering commitment to honour myself with integrity because I am worthy of a life that excites me. I know what the achievement of my goals will add to my life and I accept the challenge of my dreams because I deserve to be happy.

Get Serious.

I acknowledge that every choice either brings me closer to or further away from my vision, so I back up my commitment with deliberate action that makes me proud. My confidence grows with every choice that aligns with my vision and makes subsequent choices easier until they form new habits that serve my higher purpose.

Get Support.

I surround myself with a community that loves and respects me for the contribution I am in this world. I celebrate my authentic self with like-minded individuals who support my dreams and encourage my continued growth and development.